COVID-19 – Risk Management – MILNE CRAIG

Dear All,


As well as trying to ensure our office policies support minimum virus risk, we are mindful that we must continue to offer clients the support they need at this time.  We are acutely aware we must be able to continue to do so even with reduced available staffing levels and staff home working.

We reassure clients that we have policies in place to ensure business continuity in the even of further restrictions on our lives.

These include remote working functionality for most staff roles.  Many of our staff already work outside the office fairly routinely.  We have now extended this practice.

We are here to help.  There is no easy solution for businesses facing the potential implications of a constrained period of economic activity.  We cannot guarantee not to have staff unavailable due to illness or that the office building may be staffed at normal levels.

However, we are committed to safe work practices and continuity of client support throughout the pandemic period, and beyond.  And we want to be here to help you and your business at this time.

Yours faithfully

The Directors of Milne Craig.

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