Audit and Accountancy

The annual financial statements are by their very nature historic. In our view it is important to produce these as soon as is practical for you in order that these are still relevant. This is part of our value added approach to assisting our clients.

The work is planned before we start and at this time we identify your needs and agree an appropriate timetable for completion. Our approach is tailored to suit each assignment and is very much more than a box ticking exercise.

Our expertise ranges from sole traders and partnerships to private and public companies. Specialist types of legal entities we deal with include trusts, charities, pension schemes, clubs and complex groups.

The quality of your records is important to us for a number of reasons:

  • to fulfil the statutory requirements to maintain accounting records
  • to get best value for you from our services
  • to form the basis of accurate accounts to confirm that you are paying the correct amount of tax
  • to give you a system which will help protect you from fraud

We will advise you of any weaknesses we find in your accounting system.

Legislation governing the form and content of financial statements is generally complex and we invest time and money in ensuring that our staff are trained and their knowledge is up to date. We maintain an excellent technical library and have many different disclosure checklists to confirm compliance with the appropriate legislation and standards.

For us to give quality advice knowledge of your business is invaluable. The time involved in your audit and/or accounts preparation is an opportunity to establish the factors that drive your business. Contact us for more help and advice.