Who owns Rangers?

Interesting stock market announcement – not a tax question but since people are asking me….. it seems to me that there was an internal review.  The findings are confidential according to today’s Rangers stock market announcement.

However, if you look carefully, the QC was asked if Green and Whyte were connected and the stock market announcement says at much.  Have a look at the carefully worded answer which simply says that the current Rangers companies aren’t connected with Whyte.  Interesting way of putting things but it doesn’t answer the question asked.

In any case, will be interesting to see if the media continues to say “problem solved” and whether the SFL see it that way.  Following from the sidelines I can’t help but wonder if the internal investigation answered the question that was asked of it and the Board decided not to publish or whether it didn’t answer it all.

Interesting times ahead, methinks.



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